Heathcare Simplified

The culmination of tech, hygiene and customisation to give the perfect system to manage hospital food services.

Addons that build your Brand

Platos manages all the cafeteria operations so all you focus on is enjoying the experience of eating in a streamlined cafeteria.

Patient Food Ordering System including nutritionist customizations

Our solution brings the nutritionist dictations for the patient right to the chef’s kitchen. We understand that every patient has a strict diet that needs to be followed at all costs. There is no scope for a mistake. Keeping this in mind, Platos has designed its system to minimise any errors that might occur due to miscommunication.

Hospital Canteen Management

Impeccable hygiene is our primary objective. By entrusting your canteen to us, you give us not only the responsibility to serve vital cogs of the hospital but also to serve the patient’s near and dear ones. This is not a responsibility we take lightly. Be assured that Platos will deliver across all fronts.

Room Delivery Management System and Feedback

Platos has a lot of nifty features. We’ve built them to address all the pain points of the cafeteria system. Room delivery management is a feature that enables the kitchen staff to notify the service warden/nurse that the food is ready to be delivered. On the other hand, it also allows for ordering from the hospital room to the kitchen.

Common Features

No Cash Pilferage & Queue Management

Food Vendor Discovery and Management

Smart Food Cards for Tap and Pay

Pre Ordering Food for Hybrid Model

Streamlined Payment Mechanism

Orders Dashboard and Feedback Management System

Progressive Web

Complete Company subsidy management