Cafeteria Reimagined

Imagine a cafeteria with no queues, good food and seamless transactions. Where feedback is not only received but also acted upon.

Platos Catering Corporates Chennai

What is Platos?

Platos is a end-to-end solution for corporate cafeterias with solutions for both technology and on-site service.
Best-in-class applications built with the latest technologies and features to completely digitize your cafeteria.
Coupled with unparalleled on-site catering services to give the best catering experience.
Partnered with all the top corporate kitchens after a strict hygiene audit and stringent certificate checks, we're guaranteed to give you an option you're going to love.

No More Queues!

I think we can all agree that people have better things to do than to wait in queues.

Completely Cashless

Pay through Cards, NetBanking, Wallets and UPI. Powered by RazorPay.

Real-time Feedback

Effective feedback mechanism is paramount for a corporate cafeteria.

Cafeteria Digitization Services

Platos Partner App

The food partners deployed in the cafeteria use this app to stay on top of all the orders they receive.

Platos Mobile App

Every order placed in the cafeteria happens through this app. Made for employees, it is carefully built and tested to ensure the best user experience.

Web Admin Dashboard

Every administrator needs a powerful dashboard to monitor the cafeteria. Here we provide you with all the data you would need and more.

Cafeteria Services

Platos Corporate Catering Chennai Audit
Hygiene Vetted Food Partners

We vet every caterer not only based on FSSAI but also a strict internal audit check. This ensures every kitchen is best in class. All our auditors are food science graduates.

Platos Corporate Catering Chennai Service
On-Site Service

We serve the best food with a smile on our faces. Service staff that has been trained with the best hygiene practices and most importantly, good manners.

Platos Corporate Catering Chennai Variety
Variety in Cuisines and Partners

We know our clients like to mix it up. We love to deliver carefully curated menus that ensure your employees have always something to look forward to.

Platos Corporate Catering Chennai Poster
Cafeteria Aesthetics

The ambiance of a cafeteria is criminally underrated. Carefully placed placards, banners and posters make all the difference to set the vibe.  

Platos Corporate Catering Chennai PopUp
Pop-Ups / Food Festivals

We're not gonna lie. We love doing pop-ups. To bring in top food brands exclusively into our client's cafeteria lets us celebrate a festival without an occasion. And everyone could use celebrations.

Platos Corporate Catering Chennai Logistics

Transporting food can be extremely tricky. You not only need the extremely good food containers but also the right vehicles. And, we make sure we have both.

About Us

Platos aims to liberate organisations from the clutches of monotonous contractual catering. We have curated a multitude of caterers after vetting them for hygiene to fulfil all your needs.

Platos is the brainchild of two aspiring entrepreneurs from different ends of the spectrum - Arjun KS, having completed his Masters in Economics, an alumnus of NYU and LSE, and Raj Jain, a Software Engineer graduated from Anna University. Backed by serial entrepreneurs with 35 years of industry experience. Thereby, creating a perfect blend of strategy, technology and knowledge to reshape the opaque catering industry.

Some of our clients

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