Vendor Partnerships

Platos is built for vendors to help them execute to their fullest potential using complete digitizing technology.

Addons that build your Brand

Platos manages all the cafeteria operations so all you focus on is enjoying the experience of eating in a streamlined cafeteria.

Complete digitization support for all sites

Platos is ideal for all working models of a cafeteria. It is completely configurable for company sponsored meals with customised subsidy models. For payments, Platos uses JusPay and is partnered with India’s top payment gateways like Razorpay and Paytm. Platos also works with all food wallets like Sodexo Food Cards. So be it a food court, employee paid cafeterias or company sponsored. We’re guaranteed to execute.

One point dashboard to manage all sites

With the goal to work with all the top food partners in the country. Platos understands that each food partner caters to multiple sites. This pushed us to create a dashboard for food partners to track and manage all their sites through one centralized dashboard giving them the ability to strategize and execute based on feedback and sales.

Become a Platos Certifed Food Partner to be eligible for Vendor Discovery

Platos goes above and beyond to train certified food partners in the correct practices to follow in order to work with the highest level of corporate clients. This not only involves strict auditing but also on ground support daily to make sure the cafeteria is smoothly run by certified HSEQ experts. We also help in menu curation, food serving staff, logistics and chef training.

Post Audit

Platos helps food vendors to navigate the tight route to transform from just another caterer to an ISO audit ready kitchen. Platos does this by having a strict knowledge of what it takes to be a kitchen to that prepares thousands of meals daily without being susceptible to any issue that could jeopardize their status of a top drawer industrial kitchen.

B2B Partnership

  • Become a Pop-Up Counter Partner
    1. Increased Brand Visibility
    2. Ideal for launching a new product
    3. Increased Sales
    4. PAN India Exposure


  • API Integrations
    1. Can explore partnerships with other Tech(Mobile Application) Products in the B2B Segment if there is synergy to provide a united front.


  • For Example:
      1. Seat Booking Softwares
      2. Transport Softwares 
      3. Gifting Solutions
      4. Etc.

Common Features

No Cash Pilferage & Queue Management

Food Vendor Discovery and Management

Smart Food Cards for Tap and Pay

Pre Ordering Food for Hybrid Model

Streamlined Payment Mechanism

Orders Dashboard and Feedback Management System

Progressive Web

Complete Company subsidy management